Stephanie Mold


Description of work Stephanie Mold

In my art I´m filtering places, people and situations under a concept which I clearly define in advance. The topics Im not only selecting out of subjective interest, Im doing research including personal investigation based on general phenomenons of socitey. I want that my works are comprehensible and entertaining for the viewer dealing about issues that concern. I first experiance my chosen topics myself in order to document them for others. I´m test object and researcher at the same time.

For creating strong portraits of places/ situations im working mostly in series. Im driven by couriousity, the search of euphoria and trueness.
The media of documetation for my works varies and adapts formally on the project. Often I`m using text combined with visualisation for example 3dimensional models. For „rebell without a clue“, a tattoojourney along the danube I used besides text my body as an image carrier and got a tattoo in every town. I´m also drawing, if I want to tell stories without text eg. in the drawingseries „meet me there“, which i made in Istanbul.

My last projects were videos which show me as main character. In „hello gümüshane“ I´m travelling with a museumschair wearing museumsuniform by bus to eastern Anatolia, to give the chair to the major of Gümüshane, as a present.
Some of my exhibited works I´m at the same time publishing in the art and culture magazine Fleisch, to extend my forms of presentation. In March 2009 I also published my first novel „Ich bin wie Zucker ( Sweet as sugar)“. It`s about my research on turkish men which I met in nightclubs. I went home with them, marked their homes in the map, wrote texts about every men and bulit them including their rooms in 3d models.